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Accounting and tax accounting

Accounting service of enterprises includes processing and streamlining of information on the cash flow of organizations in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the EU. At the request of the client, management, accounting and tax registers are formed. Timely and fully prepared reporting to the tax department and other related institutions.

Maintenance of personnel records management and calculation of wages

The maintenance of personnel records management includes: preparation and execution of employment contracts; registration of contracts for material liability (at the request of the client); formation of paper carriers of personal files of employees; registration of orders for reception, dismissal, leave; preparation of draft vacation schedules; registration of sick-lists, registration of primary documentation for wages (time sheet, etc.); payroll, sick leave, compensation, payment of wages and advances; control over the accrual and payment of taxes.

Preparation and filing of financial, tax and statistical reporting

Complete preparation of financial statements is a balance sheet, accounting reports on capital flows, profit and loss, preparation of statistical reports and operational reporting. The final stage in the preparation of financial statements is the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Consultations on optimization of tax burden

Today, tax optimization is not only an excellent way to increase the profitability of the organization, but also an effective tool for competition. An organization that has been able to legally reduce its tax obligations, initially are in more favorable terms in relation to competitors who have a higher tax burden. Company AMRPRO OÜ will help to ensure the economic security of the enterprise, reduce taxes, while remaining within the law.

Accounting and tax consulting

Consulting on these issues contributes to the solution of a number of important tasks, including the organization of the taxation process to minimize and optimize tax payments, maintain records in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation, as well as resolve possible disputes with regulatory bodies.

Restoration of accounting

Accounting is a continuous process that must be restored if it is interrupted or not properly implemented. Restoration of accounting is a complex of measures for restoring “neglected” accounting on the basis of newly created or existing primary documents, as well as bringing the account in proper form in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Estonia and the EU.

Drawing up and delivery of the zero reporting

Zero accounting statements are one of the types of financial statements that are compiled during a period of total absence of commercial activities on the part of the enterprise. All enterprises are obliged to prepare and submit a zero report, as well as submit the relevant documents to the regulatory authorities within the statutory deadlines. Our specialists are ready not only to make zero statements, but also to conduct an express assessment of the results of your company’s activities in order to confirm the legitimacy of compiling zero reporting for your company.

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